Former NBA player Mike Bibby being investigated for sexual abuse

Al Bello/Getty Images

Mike Bibby – who played for the Kings, Hawks, Grizzlies, Heat, Knicks and Wizards during a 14-year NBA career – is now coaching basketball at his alma mater, Shadow Mountain High School.

A teacher at the school alleges Bibby sexually abused her and filed for a restraining order, which was obtained by The Arizona Republic and details the claims. The school district said it was investigating until police began their own investigation, per the newspaper.

Lily Altavena of The Arizona Republic:

The teacher alleges in the restraining order that in February 2017 she was walking outside toward her classroom when she spotted Bibby driving on campus. She did not know him personally, she wrote.

He gestured toward her. She walked to the driver’s side of the car as he swung open the door and jumped out.

According to the order, Bibby picked her up “around the hips” and carried her into the driver’s seat, her head on the console and her legs splayed out the open door as he laid on top of her. She smelled alcohol on his breath, she wrote.

He started to rub his body and genitals on her, groping her, she wrote, and he told her, “What I could do to you.”

She slid out from underneath him and moved toward the main doors of one of the school buildings, and he followed, she wrote in the restraining order.

As two staff members looked on, he held her around her waist, hugged her, rubbed his erect penis against her, and made sexually explicit statements, she wrote. She said she tried to push him away.

She wrote that she was “in shock, in fear, intimidated by his actions, afraid of him as he smelled of alcohol.”

Bibby’s attorney denies the claim.

Hopefully, the investigation will uncover the truth.