LeBron James questions Lakers: ‘Is basketball the most important thing in your life?’

AP Photo

After losing to the Pelicans, LeBron James expressed frustration with the Lakers’ sense of urgency.

But he didn’t stop at questioning the Lakers’ mentality within games.

He went much deeper.



It’s how you approach the game every day. It’s how you think the game every day. It’s how you play the game. It’s how you prepare for the game, and that’s not even like, when you get to the arena. That’s like way before that. Is basketball, is that the most important thing while we’re doing this? Is this the most important thing in your life at this time? Are you giving it all to that game? And then if you feel like you put it all into it, then you have nothing to kind of look back on. You’re able to do other things. If you feel like you’re giving it all to the game, then you can go do other things. But if you feel like you’re not giving as much as you can, then you can’t focus on anything else.

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