Kings coach Dave Joerger: Discussion with Buddy Hield not about shot selection

AP Photo/Ben Margot

Kings coach Dave Joerger and Kings guard Buddy Hield appeared to argue after Hield made a late, deep 3-pointer in Sacramento’s loss to the Warriors on Thursday. A couple possessions later, Hield bypassed a a deep game-winning 3-pointer on the final possession.

Then, Hield scored 34 points in the Kings’ win over the Thunder on Saturday.

By then, both Joerger and Hield were clearly ready to move on from Thursday’s incident.

NBC Sports California:

Hield, via Marcus White of NBC Sports California:

“Oh my God,” Hield said in Oklahoma City. “[Dave and I were] never on bad terms, you just want to start a story. Nah, man. I shot that s*** today, that’s what I did. So it was good.”

I never thought Hield and Joerger were on bad terms. I’m not sure anyone did. They appeared to argue during a tense game. Even if it were about shot selection, it seemed we could leave it there barring more evidence of a feud.

We probably ought to take Joerger at his word that it wasn’t about shot selection. Griping about Hield’s shot never made sense. In that situation – down six points late – it was a good shot. Sacramento needed points in a hurry.

I particularly appreciate Joerger’s introspection about how he talks to players – both on camera and in huddles. He created a scene he didn’t want and possibly gave Hield an unintended message before the final possession.

Joerger has done a fantastic job this season. I came away from this even more impressed.