This photo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James has people talking


The rumor mill doesn’t stop for NBA All-Star Weekend, and in fact in some cases it appears to have even ramped it up a bit. We already saw how folks interpreted Kawhi Leonard‘s comments about Toronto with respect to his potential return to the Raptors.

Now it’s time to talk LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

A photo of the two Western Conference stars at All-Star Weekend sent folks into a tizzy online, thanks in part to the expressions on the two players’ faces.

I’ll let you be the judge:

Is there anything here outside of a knowing glance about the past month? Perhaps not. And even if their goal is still to get Davis to the Lakers, there’s no guarantee of that happening now that the trade deadline has passed and other franchises can get in with their offers next summer.

Things are not going well in New Orleans, and both LA and Klutch Sports overplayed their hand. Still, summer is but a few months away and anything can happen between now and then.