Stephen Curry wishes he hadn’t brought daughter to podium at 2015 Finals


The NBA is a fun league, especially in the face of other major american sports like the NFL and MLB, which are bit more straight-laced. One of the more memorable cultural moments in recent NBA Finals history was when Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry brought daughter Riley to the podium after a game during the 2015 NBA Finals.

Twitter immediately took to making a meme out of Riley Curry, particularly after she had grabbed the mic in front of her father.

Now, Curry says that he regrets bringing his daughter to the podium, if only from the perspective of not inundating her at too young an age with the spotlight she’ll eventually have as the daughter of a future Hall of Famer.

Via The Undefeated:

I think even as parents, understanding how we’re going to raise kids not only in this crazy society we live in but one that we’re so visible [in], and people are kind of locked into every step we take, every word we say. One thing I do technically regret in terms of how fast this all came is when I brought Riley on the podium [during the 2015 NBA Finals].

I’ve always wanted to … share what I get to do, and all the experiences I have, with my family. I didn’t know how much that would blow up and how much of a splash she [would make] on the scene. If I could take that one back, I probably would, just because my goal is just to … give my kids the best chance at success and at seeing the world in the proper way … trying to give our kids the best chance to be successful and have a normal life in terms of treating people the right way, having respect, not getting too bigheaded and feeling like everything’s about them. The lessons I’m teaching my kids right now at ages 6, 3 and 7 months, it’s wild to think about. Surreal.

This is a pretty normal thing to think about as a celebrity, and the gap between normal reality and how players experience the world only grows as basketball-related income and player salaries trend upward.

No doubt that Riley will have plenty of time to be both abundantly wealthy and incredibly famous. Good for Steph for re-thinking the kind of exposure he gives to his children.