NBA VP of referee development says that, yes, Bradley Beal traveled


NBA Twitter was taken aback on Monday night when Bradley Beal apparently traveled while trying to avoid Blake Griffin as the Washington Wizards took on the Detroit Pistons.

Beal was driving toward the basket when Griffin jumped in front of him, prompting Beal to lose control the ball and stutter step before finally dishing out to a teammate.

No travel was called on the play, which led to widespread criticism of the officiating crew on social media.

On Tuesday morning, the NBRA said, through their Twitter account, that Beal did not travel thanks to his loss of possession.

Here’s what they had to say:

Late Tuesday night the NBA’s VP of referee development, Monty McCutchen, said that the NBRA was wrong and that Beal did in fact travel.

Via Dave McMenamin of ESPN:

“While in some cases a fumble at the end of a dribble on the gather can be retrieved, that is not what happened on this play,” McCutchen told ESPN. “Bradley Beal gathers the ball and takes two steps, but then loses control of the ball. Once he has lost control after taking the two steps, he must regain control and pass or shoot before taking another step in order to be legal. Since he does not regain control until another step, the play is a travel.”

Through all the technicalities, this feels like a Justice Stewart situation. That is, you know a travel when you see it, even if its definition is in dispute.

It’s possible the NBRA comes back at McCutchen, but for now we can put this to bed.

The Pistons beat the Wizards, 121-112.