Brett Brown laments not getting to coach Markelle Fultz more


The Philadelphia 76ers are done with Markelle Fultz. The former No. 1 overall pick is now with the Orlando Magic, and he’s going to be their reclamation project now.

Our own Dan Feldman did an excellent job mapping out just how big a shift this is, particularly with respect to how many games Fultz actually played with the Sixers.

Now it’s time for everyone to move on, which has felt like the right choice for all parties for quite some time. Still, there’s going to be some lingering emotions attached to the Fultz Saga in Philly, and 76ers coach Brett Brown is not immune to that.

Earlier this week, Brown lamented not being able to coach Fultz longer.

Via Twitter:

This is not only sort of sad, it’s also quite true. As a basketball culture, many of us see Fultz as kind of a caricature, a broken jumper and an inexplicable injury. But Fultz was a beast during his only college year at the University of Washington, and if he was that guy he would have been an absolute blast as a young addition to this Philadelphia squad.

It seems unlikely that Fultz will play in Orlando this year, and hopefully he can get his body right for next season.