Wayne Ellington officially signs with Detroit Pistons

Getty Images

There are playoff teams — and even Finals contenders — who are scouring the buyout market for shooters and wings who can help them. Which makes it interesting that Wesley Mathews decided to sign with the Pacers (and try to fill in some Victor Oladipo minutes), not going to a contender.

Now sharpshooting two guard Wayne Ellington has also chosen not to chase a ring.

Ellington was traded from Miami to Phoenix in a salary dump move for the Heat. The Suns quickly bought Ellington out and waived him, freeing him up to become a Piston.

Ellington shot 36.8 percent from three on 6.2 attempts per game this season in Miami, and that may be low for him.

He likely will start in Detroit and get a lot of run, which is clearly why he signed with the Pistons. Ellington had options and could have chased a ring, but he chose to get on the court and play. You have to like that attitude… unless you’re one of those contenders.