Report: Celtics not trading Kyrie Irving

Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Celtics star Kyrie Irving went from “I plan on re-signing here” to “Ask me July 1.” Anthony Davis is reportedly avoiding Boston, in part, because he believes Irving might leave. The Knicks opened double-max cap space as if they know something.

That sparked a question: Would the Celtics deal Irving before Thursday’s trade deadline?

That’d be their chance to get value for Irving before he hits unrestricted free agency this summer. It’d also open the door for Boston landing Davis now. The only thing preventing the Celtics immediately dealing for Davis is having Irving on the roster on his current contract, as teams can’t have two designated rookie scale players acquired via trade.

Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald:

some league execs saw an opening. Looking for a quick score, they thought the All-Star guard might be available in advance of Thursday’s NBA trade deadline.

But that notion has, according to league sources, been summarily quashed.

Said one general manager, “Boston’s not taking calls on Kyrie. That was made pretty clear.”

Irving said the Celtics are still leading the race to sign him next summer, but the fact that he’s even calling it a race shows the volatility of the situation. Boston is taking a risk by keeping Irving.

That said, trading Irving while many think he’s on his way out would also carry risk. It’s obviously not ideal to sell low. Plus, Irving will help in a potentially meaningful playoff run this season.

The Celtics can keep trying to set up a Davis trade for next offseason. If they pull it off, it’d be difficult – though far from impossible – to see Irving leaving.