Report: Anthony Davis wanted to play against Pacers, but Pelicans said no

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Anthony Davis said he planned to play once his finger injury healed. The Pelicans, on the other hand, are reportedly considering shutting down Davis for the rest of the season if they don’t trade him.

The differing plans apparently came to a head for New Orleans’ 109-107 loss to the Pacers last night.

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports:

Davis eagerly wanted to suit up at home against the Indiana Pacers after recovering from a left finger avulsion that sidelined him for a little more than two weeks, sources said, but the organization elected to keep him inactive. There’s the impression that his absence could potentially extend until the conclusion of Thursday’s trade deadline, sources said.

In their only other game before the trade deadline, the Pelicans play the Bulls in Davis’ hometown of Chicago tomorrow. It’s reasonable for New Orleans to sit Davis until the deadline. He might not mind skipping the next game, anyway.

But if the Pelicans keep Davis until the offseason, this could get ugly.

Davis is in the midst of an excellent season. He is apparently healthy and wants to play. It’d be such a black eye for the league if he sits while New Orleans tanks/waits for a trade.

Sure, Davis would have culpability. This situation is occurring only because he requested a trade during the season.

But it’s about more than assigning blame. It’s about acknowledging how unfortunate it’d be for the league to have one of its very best players a healthy scratch for months. Hopefully, this isn’t just the start.