Zion Williamson: ‘It would be dope; to play with Durant, Irving in New York

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It is the dream scenario of Knicks fans. It’s also a “win the Mega Millions Lottery” kind of longshot, but you can’t keep people from dreaming.

Here’s the dream: The Knicks win the NBA Draft Lottery and the rights to pick Duke star Zion Williamson first, then get both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to come to New York as free agents.

Williamson is down with the idea, reports Adam Zagoria of the New York Times and SNYtv.

Williamson consistently has said he will be happy anywhere he is drafted in the NBA, he just wants to play. His Duke coach, Mike Krzyzewski, was asked about the Knicks’ moves and tanking for Zion.

As of this writing, the 10-41 Knicks have the worst record in the NBA, but under the new lottery odds the three teams with the worst records each have a 14 percent chance at the top pick. If the tanking Knicks finish with the worst record they would have that 14 percent chance at Williamson, 13.4 percent chance picking second, 12.7 percent chance of picking third, 12 percent chance of picking fourth, and a 47.9 percent chance of picking fifth. Forget how difficult landing Durant and Irving will be, it is the new lottery odds that make the Knicks’ Zion dreams such a longshot.

The lottery new system flattens out the lottery odds in what the league sees as an attempt to discourage a “Hinkie process” level tanking again. But as long as there are Zion Williamsons coming into the NBA — and there always will be players seen as franchise changers entering the league — tanking will happen, regardless of the odds.