Knicks fans break out ‘we want Kyrie’ chants at Madison Square Garden

Associated Press

Kyrie Irving is going to push back against the media storm about him going to the Knicks with Kevin Durant, but Irving threw gasoline on that fire with his “ask me July 1” comments at shootaround. And Irving is a smart guy, he knows what he did, even if he didn’t like the result.

Knicks fans picked up on it and let Irving know they want him in Madison Square Garden next season.

Boston has planned to re-sign Irving this summer and trade for Davis, pairing them to be a contender in the East for years. If Irving bolts to New York that plan gets blown up.

That said, none of this — Irving’s commentsthe comments of Anthony Davis’ father, the chants of Knicks fans, and any of the other pressure people around Davis are trying to ramp up — is moving the needle for the Pelicans. Sources told me they will continue to be patient. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN said during the Celtics/Knicks broadcast the Celtics are not worried nor changing plans due to Anthony Davis’ father’s comments.

The Davis and Irving situations both likely drag out to July, and Boston still believes it can get both of them in Celtic green next season.