Report: Pelicans not returning Lakers’ calls on Anthony Davis trade

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The Pelicans, according to a report, weren’t taking calls on Anthony Davis trades.

But that apparently wasn’t totally accurate.

Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe of ESPN:

Pelicans general manager Dell Demps has yet to return a call to Lakers GM Rob Pelinka, league sources told ESPN.

Demps is picking up his phone and returning calls — just not from the Lakers, sources said.

Davis has reportedly put out word he’ll re-sign with only the Lakers. Obviously, the Pelicans shouldn’t care to send Davis anywhere specific. They should seek the best return.

But Davis’ intentions incentivize the Lakers to offer more and push other teams to offer less. So, the best offer might come from Los Angeles.

The Pelicans should hear it out.

And I suspect they will. This seems like a negotiating tactic. The trade deadline is still a week away. There’s plenty of time to make the Lakers sweat.

It’s also possible New Orleans resents the Lakers that much and just won’t trade them Davis. Gregg Popovich was reportedly in Demps’ ear along those lines.

If the Pelicans are that stubborn, they’re hurting themselves.

Again, I believe they’re not. This looks like amusing posturing that will clear way to serious negotiations before the trade deadline – ideally, from New Orleans’ perspective, with a more-desperate Lakers team.