Pelicans remove Anthony Davis from intro video that otherwise shows every player


Despite his trade request, Anthony Davis remains on the Pelicans’ roster. He’s out with a finger injury, but his official status hasn’t changed.

Yet, the mood in New Orleans sure has.

Andrew Lopez of The Times-Picayune:

Bleacher Report:


Maybe the video was edited by a lower-level staffer. This isn’t necessarily indicative of the organization’s stance.

But given the public nature of this slight, it’s the type of thing that should get approved by upper management. And maybe it was.

Especially if it was, this seems like an indicator the Pelicans will move Davis by next week’s trade deadline. Or if he remains in New Orleans past the deadline, maybe Davis will sit the rest of the season, until the Celtics can realistically enter the trade race.

Though it’s still possible the Pelicans keep and play Davis, this isn’t a move toward reconciliation.