Not so fast: Are we sure Kyrie Irving has interest in joining LeBron on the Lakers?


A report surfaced earlier on Tuesday that current Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving could have interest in joining LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers if things don’t work out in New England. Irving is eligible for a new contract when free agency starts this summer.

That report seemed a little odd, especially given how things ended between Irving and James the last time they were together on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Even with Irving having apologized to LeBron for how he acted as a young player in Cleveland, the bad blood between the two seemed significant.

Now, one major Celtics beat journalist is throwing caution about any future Irving-LeBron teamups.

ESPN Jackie MacMullan was a panelist on Around the Horn on Tuesday, and intimated that these rumors were just agent Rich Paul juicing things up. From her side, MacMullan said that there’s been some struggles for Irving in Boston but that he isn’t looking to leave.

Via Twitter:

The NBA rumor mill is all about which access merchants are carrying water for whom, and which agents or general managers are trying to gain leverage by putting external pressure through the media.

Who knows if Irving would ever want to team up with LeBron again? My gut says no, just given the obvious size of the egos involved and the well-documented, public history between the two. Irving might want to leave Boston this summer, but I very much doubt it will be to the Lakers.