Marc Gasol on possibility of being traded for brother Pau: ‘That would be kind of funny’

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The Memphis Grizzlies appear ready to move on from Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, or both.

The season started off hot in Memphis, but things have cooled down and the Grizzlies are currently under the playoff line. Gasol is a less valuable trade asset than Conley, mostly due to the size of his contract.

But that hasn’t stopped folks from speculating where the Gasol might wind up, including in Texas with the San Antonio Spurs.

To that end, the Gasol mentioned to Geoff Calkins of the Daily Memphian that it could be a bit of a laugh if he were traded for brother Pau. The Gasol brothers were part of a deadline trade for each other back in 2008.

Via Daily Memphian:

“I know, that’s pretty crazy, this whole ride there has been a Gasol at the Media Day at least,” Gasol said. “That’s pretty impressive. My son is only 2. … But maybe I’ll get traded to San Antonio and Pau comes back, who knows? That would be kind of funny. There’s a part of me that would like that. He still has a place here, the same place, my parents live in it. My parents have been here the whole ride.”

Calkins’ feature is about how Gasol loves the city of Memphis, but it also reads a bit like a eulogy for a career that could be about to end in Tennessee. Who knows where Gasol, or Conley, or Anthony Davis end up playing next season?

As always, as we approach the trade deadline the rumors are perhaps juicier than what lies ahead.