Report: Kawhi Leonard buys massive $13.3 million mansion in San Diego

LA Times and

Let the speculation about where Kawhi Leonard will play next season… continue.

According to a report from the LA Times, Leonard has purchased a home in the San Diego area or a whopping $13.3 million. It’s the kind of mansion that most would consider to be a forever home, where Leonard can stay as a sort of a home base in the offseason.

Of course, the question for many is whether Leonard will stay with the Toronto Raptors this summer or move to a new destination, with the most likely alternate being the Los Angeles Clippers.

Leonard purchasing a home in California will only add to the speculation that his time with the Raptors is not long for this world. However, a lot of NBA players already live in Southern California outside of their respective playing cities, and Leonard did go to college in San Diego.

Leonard’s new home is more than 100 miles from Staples Center. You think he’s making that commute through L.A. traffic? He could fly to Paris faster.

You can click through a gallery of Leonard’s new home here, via the LA Times and

Meanwhile, Leonard was just elected as a starter for the East in the 2019 NBA All-Star Game.