James Harden should have been counted as being assisted Monday (video)

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To great fanfare, James Harden has scored 57, 58, 48, 37 and 61 points (a total of 261) in his last five games – all without being assisted.

At least according to the box scores.

It sure looks like P.J. Tucker‘s pass to Harden, who sized up the basket without dribbling then made a 3-pointer, in the Rockets’ loss to the 76ers on Monday should have counted as an assist (hat tip: reddit user nmnlp). Scorekeepers have awarded assists for far less. This doesn’t look like even a gray area.

The spirit of Harden’s hot streak remains. He is creating so much for himself.

But we should say Harden has been unassisted on 258 of his 261 points in his last five games. It’d still be darn impressive and – importantly – accurate.