Report: Lakers interested in Carmelo Anthony, but won’t waive player to open roster spot

Harry How/Getty Images

LeBron James hinted the Lakers adding Carmelo Anthony was in the works.

Anthony reportedly has multiple NBA options. Though he’s on the Bulls’ roster, they surely won’t prevent him from joining another team. The question is whether he’ll depart Chicago via trade or waiver.

And will it be for Los Angeles?

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

The Los Angeles Lakers have an interest in Anthony but have no plans to waive a player to create an available roster spot for him, league sources said. If a roster spot becomes available with the Lakers before or after the trade deadline, they’ll be a possible destination for Anthony, league sources said.

This sounds like the message the Lakers would convey to appease egos without ever having to acquire Anthony. LeBron put out word he wants Anthony on the team, but the Lakers have no interest, according to a prior report. Heck, I’m unconvinced LeBron actually wants Anthony and isn’t just trying to say nice things about a friend.

That said, if the Lakers make an unbalanced trade that opens a roster spot, Anthony could fill it. It’d be a much lower-stakes addition than dumping someone from the currently deep 1-15 roster for Anthony.

But by the time the Lakers make a trade, LeBron will be further in his recovery from his groin injury. If they need more scoring punch, it’s while LeBron is sidelined.

Would Anthony provide even that, though? He looks washed up. Plus, the Lakers already have superior scoring forwards in Kyle Kuzma and Michael Beasley.

This isn’t a good idea, but it’s an idea that could happen depending on the Lakers’ other moves prior to the trade deadline.