Stephen Curry says ‘the lord wouldn’t let me do it’ on failed dunk attempt (VIDEO)

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Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is not much of a dunker. That was always sort of obvious, but on Monday night we thought we might get a little peek into Curry’s ability as a jumper.

Instead, Curry wound up hitting the deck, then airballing a 3-pointer on a wide-open break to the basket against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Golden State got the win, 130-111, so Curry was in a good enough mood about his failed dunk and airball. Speaking to reporters after the game, Curry said that he was going to “try something real nice” but that “the Lord wouldn’t let me do it”.

We are all pretty lucky that Curry didn’t end up seriously hurt. No doubt the Warriors talked to Lakers about the conditions of the floor after his spill.