You should go right now and download the new NBC Sports Scores app


Saturday night my wife had planned a dinner out with friends we don’t get to see nearly often enough… but she did it right during the Cowboys at Rams game. I have latched back onto the Rams as a fan since their return to Los Angeles, and the other guy at our dinner get together is a Cowboys fan. There we were in a nice restaurant with good beer, fantastic pork belly tacos… and no television.

I was glued to the NBC Sports Scores app for updates. It helped keep me sane.

If you aren’t using the recently upgraded app, you are missing out. As its name suggests you can get the latest scores — NBA, NFL, Premier League, you name it — but more than that it is a portal to all of NBC’s sports content. You can find all the latest stories from NBC’s NBA page, plus college basketball scores and stories, NHL news, and of course NFL scores while you’re in a restaurant trying not to look like you are checking your phone every 30 seconds.

This will become your go-to sports app for scores and information, it’s a big upgrade for us and a quality resource for sports fans.

Trust me, go and download the app now, you’ll be glad you did.