Frustrated Robin Lopez gets into it with Kris Dunn during Bulls’ practice

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Robin Lopez had found out earlier in the day he would be seeing a minutes reduction as the Bulls try to see more of what they have with their young players.

So it was a frustrated Lopez who got into it Kris Dunn during Monday’s Bulls’ practice, although it turned out to be no big thing with Lopez apologizing, reports Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune.

Robin Lopez and Kris Dunn got into it. There was shouting and at one point [coach Jim] Boylen said he told Lopez to “cool off, take a break.”

Lopez returned to practice about 10 minutes later and apologized to the team….

“Just practiced hard,” Dunn said. “(Robin is) my guy. He knows that. Every day it gets chippy, know what I’m saying? We’ve been losing a lot, so we’re coming in and practicing harder. Trying to get that monkey off our back.”

This kind of chippiness during practice happens a few times a year per team in the NBA, and it’s not bad — it’s about being competitive. It’s also about not letting it linger and fester, and in this case the Bulls have moved on.

Lopez is making more headlines now as a possible trade target — the Bulls would like to trade him, a few teams could use him, but no team seems willing to give up assets for $14.7 million rental. A number of teams will be interested in Lopez on the buyout market — the Warriors are at the top of that list, and the feeling appears to be mutual — but Chicago isn’t even thinking buyout until after the trade deadline.