Forget the Cowboys: LeBron James is now a Rams fan, apparently


LeBron James used to famously be a Dallas Cowboys (and New York Yankees) fan. But The King is now with the Los Angeles Lakers, and such a branding move needs to be paired with similarly-minded business decisions.

For LeBron, that apparently means ditching his beloved Cowboys and rooting for one of the hometown NFL teams in the Los Angeles Rams.

James was seen on the Rams’ sideline during their divisional matchup with the Cowboys on Saturday, and after LA dispatched America’s Team, 30-22, he joined them in celebration in the home locker room.

Via Twitter:

Does fandom mean nothing anymore? Probably not when you’ve got the kind of brand loyalty at stake that LeBron is trying to build.

The Rams are headed to the NFC Championship and no doubt we’ll see LeBron there with them again in some capacity during the NFL playoffs.