Mavericks reportedly believe J.J. Barea suffered torn Achilles

Getty Images

If this turns out to be true — and from the video it appears it is — it is a massive blow to the Mavericks. To their depth on the court, sure, but more importantly to their identity, because J.J. Barea is a big part of that.

Midway through the fourth quarter Barea made a cut to the basket, got the pass and hit the lay-up, but when he went down he did not get back up. When he tried, he could put no weight on his right leg.

The reason appears to be one of the worst injuries an athlete can suffer.

At age 34 it would be difficult for Barea to come back from this injury, and it would sideline him into next season at the very least.

Barea is the highest scorer off the Mavericks bench and is a key shot creator for them. For a Dallas team trying to fight its way into the playoffs in the West this would be a huge blow.