PBT Extra: Raptors back on top, East top three in latest NBA Power Rankings


Usually, at this point in the NBA calendar, we have one or two teams dominating our NBA Power Rankings. Golden State did a couple of years ago, Houston last season, while other teams occasionally get into the top spot we have dominant teams everyone else is chasing.

This season is different — we don’t have a team like that. The Warriors could be if they cared about the regular season at all, but they do not.

The closest thing to it: The Toronto Raptors. After they knocked off the Bucks and the Pacers back-to-back over last weekend, Toronto moves back into the top slot. The highest ranked team out of the West? Houston. Because James Harden is hitting shots from the parking lot and then drawing a foul on the waitress delivering beer to people in the front row.

In this PBT Extra I break down the Top 10 of our latest NBA Power Rankings, all the way through Philadelphia at No. 10.