During TNT games, fans will be able to vote on Twitter for player in iso cam during second half

Getty Images

Ever want to watch what LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, or other players do when they are off the ball, not just with it in their hands? Or how they work on defense.

A new streaming deal between the NBA and Twitter announced Wednesday, with TNT involved, will let you find out.

In 20 upcoming TNT broadcasts — including the All-Star Game and some playoff games — fans will be able to vote for one player to be featured in a stream on Twitter of an isolation camera during the second half of the game. The debut is the All-Star Game, so for example if during the first half fans vote on Twitter for Damian Lillard to be the focus, then in the second half there will be a camera just on Lillard and it can be seen on a live stream on Twitter (a second screen experience separate from the broadcast, with separate broadcasters talking just about that stream).

“The NBA Twitter community is among the most vibrant in sports and entertainment,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement. “While watching NBA games on TNT, our fans on Twitter can now enjoy a unique second screen experience that will further enhance the way fans engage with each other and the game.”

This has the potential to be amazing. If the fans vote for someone like Paul George during a Thunder game, you can see how hard he works on defense, how good he is at getting over screens and being disruptive, not just what he does on offense. (You would not see George play defense in the All-Star Game because nobody bothers.)

We’ll see what it looks like, but good on the NBA for trying something different.