Reports: DeMarcus Cousins slated to return to Warriors Jan. 18 at Clippers


The Golden State Warriors have struggled a bit this season. Locker room conflict has paired with injuries to shake the inevitability of the Warriors winning another title as 2019 begins.

But now Golden State will get a bit of a boost.

According to multiple reports, injured big man DeMarcus Cousins will debut with the Warriors on the road on January 18 against the LA Clippers.

Via Twitter:

Cousins was a value signing by Golden State over this summer. The former superstar big man is battling a torn Achilles tendon, which raises some real questions about how much he can contribute for the champs.

It’s probably still too far to say that the Warriors “need” Cousins. But if he can come back and be a net positive, that’ll perhaps provide a stopgap for them, particularly on the front line where Draymond Green has started to slide.