Jimmy Butler says he plans to retire by age 34

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Jimmy Butler‘s long-term future with the 76ers appears especially uncertain lately. But Butler, 29, can re-sign with Philadelphia on a five-year contract this offseason.

If he does, maybe that’ll be his last deal.

Butler, via Keith Pompey of The Inquirer:

“I don’t plan on playing this game when I’m 35 years old,” Butler said.

“So I’m not even worried about that,” he added. “I’ll be done with this game before I’m 35.”

I have a hard time believing this.

Butler is incredibly competitive, and he enjoys the perks of playing in the NBA. He’ll never have another job that offers such an amazing competitive challenge, brings so much fame or that so well.

He’s really going to walk away from all that at age 34?

Now, it’s possible Butler falls out of the league by then. He pushes his body hard, and his decline could be steep. I don’t expect him to become unworthy of a roster spot that quickly, but it’s possible.

It’s just difficult for me to believe Butler will voluntarily retire that soon.