Steve Kerr says Warriors are still figuring out Stephen Curry’s role


The Golden State Warriors don’t look like their old selves this season. The team is more top-heavy than ever, and thanks to some injuries, they’ve had some ups and downs.

That includes the staggered role that Stephen Curry has played this year as coach Steve Kerr tries to figure out how to keep the most talent — and the right talent — on the floor against opponents in lieu of the kind of bench they’ve had in season past.

To that end, Kerr told reporters on Saturday that the Warriors are still trying to figure out where to put Curry in the rotation so that he’s most effective, both personally and in the team scheme. Kerr admitted that Curry’s still trying to adapt to his role and might not be in the best fit for him personally.

Via Twitter:

Kerr explained that Curry’s actually logging more minutes in the fourth quarter than before, and that the star guard has adapted well to his role.

Via Mercury News:

“He’s done a great job of handling it,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “It may not be ideal for him. But he understands this is the best thing for us right now. We have to put the best groups together.”

“It’s not like the overall fourth-quarter time and volume is waning,” Kerr said. “In fact, it’s increased. He’s played more fourth-quarter minutes. It’s just different.”

Kerr added that this might not be what the Warriors do the rest of the season.

Golden State is currently third in the Western Conference standings, below both the Denver Nuggets and the Oklahoma City Thunder. That’s a big change from how we’ve viewed this team in the past, as an unstoppable juggernaut and NBA Finals favorite.

At this juncture, as the Warriors figure out their rotation and desperately look for a solution to Draymond Green‘s steep decline in offensive confidence, it’s not clear if Golden State is the playoff shoo-in they once were.