Charles Barkley compares NBA fan vote to election of Donald Trump


The NBA All-Star fan vote is ridiculous. Yes, it’s a great marketing activation that creates real attachment and gives ownership to fans. But it’s also insane because the fan voting totals are completely wonky every year.

This season’s early returns are no different. Luka Doncic has more votes than Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose has the second-most votes out of guards in the Western Conference, and Lonzo Ball is a Top 10 vote-getter at his position. Need I go on?

TNT commentator Charles Barkley had something to say about those early returns, and his opinion centered on the fans’ influence on the voting totals.

Via Twitter:

Talking about the general public, Barkley made his point by comparing All-Star voting to politics.

“What happened last time we let them make a big decision?” Barkley said. “Get a clue. [The] White House.”

That’s probably not an apt comparison but it is a funny one. Never count out Chuck to come with a take.