Dwyane Wade ‘humbled’ fans voted to ‘see my old self in the All-Star Game’

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The first round of NBA fan voting for the All-Star Game is out and the fans want Dwyane Wade‘s “one last dance” to make a stop in Charlotte.

If the voting were to stay this way, Wade would be an All-Star starter.

Wade was humbled by that, as he told the press in Washington before the Heat beat the Wizards on Friday night (hat tip to the Miami Herald).

“I just appreciate it,” Wade said in advance of Friday’s home game against the Wizards. “I’m humbled by people taking the time out to want to see my old self in the All-Star Game. It’s cool.”

It’s unlikely that Wade stays as a starter. First, Wade’s 409,156 is not far ahead of popular players such as Charlotte’s Kemba Walker (319,519, and remember the All-Star Game is in Charlotte this year) and Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons (259,993). (Kyrie Irving is far out in front on the East guard vote with close to 1 million, he’s getting one spot.) Plus, the fan vote is just 50 percent of the total, the players and media votes (25 percent each) will be added to that, and those groups likely don’t put Wade as a starter.

That said, it would be great to see the 12-time All-Star in the game one more time. If the coaches don’t pick him as a reserve in the East, it would be class move from Commissioner Adam Silver add a special 13th roster spot to each team, one for Wade and one for Dirk Nowitzki. Two legends retiring after this season who deserve one more day where the fans can appreciate them.