Report: In need of playmaking Raptors inquire about Bradley Beal, but Wizards asking too much

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When it became clear that the Wizards were willing to break up their dysfunctional core — finally — the attention of other teams focused mostly on Bradley Beal. He was seen as the Wizards’ best player, an All-Star without the injury history and burdensome contract of John Wall. The Wizards also know he’s their best player, which is why they didn’t want to give him up, or at least not without a lot in return.

Take the Raptors, for example.

With Kyle Lowry out they have checked around to see if they could add some playmaking to the roster, and they checked with Washington about Bradley Beal, only to walk away with a case of sticker shock, according to Sean Deveny of The Sporting News.

There’s been chatter about the Raptors pursuing Wizards guard Bradley Beal, but Washington wants two players and two draft picks for him, according to sources.

That would cost the team budding star Pascal Siakam and wing OG Anunoby, plus some filler salary and two future first-round draft picks. The Raptors already owe this year’s pick to the Spurs, and they would have to persuade Washington to take a pick as far out as 2023.

First, no way the Raptors do that.

Second, this has been the buzz for a while about what the Wizards want for Beal — two good, ideally younger, starter-level players plus two first-round picks (if one of those players was an All-Star level guy the other could be lesser). That’s why there’s no action on the Beal front, no team is coughing that up mid-season. If the Wizards make a big move, it’s most likely in the summer.

However, the Raptors could make a smaller move to help add some playmaking to the roster.