Check out Luka Doncic’s ridiculous banked-in halftime buzzer beater (VIDEO)


The Boston Celtics have been in control of this game, but Luka Doncic is still doing Luka Doncic things.

Check out the moves and this halftime buzzer-beater shot. And yes, he called bank.

Doncic was second in the fan voting for West All-Star frontcourt, behind LeBron James but ahead of Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Paul George and everyone else. Meaning fans don’t just want Doncic in the All-Star Game, they want him starting. His standing is not going to last — the fan vote is half of it, the media and player votes make up the other half and they will not have him as a starter — but the idea of rookie Doncic in the All-Star game is not ridiculous at all.