After refs miss Kevin Durant out of bounds, Rockets G Chris Paul and GM Daryl Morey post about ‘Bird Box,’ blindfold


The Rockets beat the Warriors last night despite officials missing Kevin Durant very clearly being out bounds while saving the ball, which led to a Stephen Curry basket.

Afterward, Houston guard Chris Paul (who was inactive for the game) and general manager Daryl Morey posted about “Bird Box,” the movie with popular blindfold imagery.



Even 76ers center Joel Embiid chimed in:

Usual warning: Read into vague tweets at your own peril. But it seems likely all three were discussing the missed call.

The league doesn’t always give benefit of the doubt, which means all three could get fined for criticizing officiating. Paul and Morey will likely take the win, joke and punishment and keep moving. Embiid getting fined for a game he wasn’t even playing in would be fun in its own way.