Russell Westbrook smacks bottle off scorers’ table, trolls Lance Stephenson, shoots terribly with triple-double

Harry How/Getty Images

Russell Westbrook loves to talk about how he plays with the same intensity every game – maximum intensity. If he plays his hardest every game, his explanation goes, he can’t play any harder for “big” games. And the consistency of Westbrook’s energy level is unmatched in the NBA. He always brings it.

But he also has extra juice for some games. That’s only natural. Some games motivate him even more.

The Thunder’s win over the Lakers last night was one of those games. Playing in Los Angeles, the Southern California native did a lot.

He got away with smacking a bottle off the scorers’ table – a la Rudy Gobert – while Thunder coach Billy Donovan got a technical foul:

Westbrook mimicked Lance Stephenson‘s air-guitar celebration right in front of Stephenson after Paul George scored on his former Pacers teammate:

Westbrook also got a triple-double – 14 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists. But he did it while bricking a lot of shots. In a miserable shooting season, he lowed his shooting percentage even further by going just 3-for-20.

That shooting percentage last night – 15.0% – is one of the worst ever while posting a triple-double. Only Mark Eaton (8.3%) Isiah Thomas (14.3%) have shot worse in triple-double games since 1983-84, as far back as Basketball-Reference records go.

Here are the triple-double games with the worst shooting in that span: