Denver’s Mason Plumlee shoves teammate out of way, opening path for Knicks’ layup

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Mason Plumlee, welcome to Shaqtin’ A Fool. You’ve earned a spot on the next edition.

The Nuggets big man was in the paint guarding Knicks’ big man Luke Kornet, but when Emmanuel Mudiay started a drive from the top of the key left into the paint, Kornet popped out top for a potential kick-out pass. Denver’s Malik Beasley stayed in front of Mudiay, but Plumlee did not pop out with Kornet, hanging back to protect the rim. Plumlee tried to push Beasley out to guard the kick-out but… well, Shaqtin.

Just as a tip for young players out there: Do not shove your teammate to the ground on defense. It turns out not to be helpful.

Denver did go on to win the game 115-108 behind a triple-double from Nikola Jokic.