LeBron says bringing title to Cleveland made him the GOAT

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Is LeBron James the greatest basketball player of all time?

It’s a barstool debate, but he has to be in the conversation. (I tend to subscribe to the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar theory “why does there have to be only one?” Comparing players across generations, rule changes and the rest is impossible.)

LeBron, however, says that beating the 73-win Warriors to bring a title to Cleveland for the first time in five decades made him the GOAT, as he said on The Uninterupted.

The “Jordan is the GOAT” crowd may flip out in the comments (because MJ really needs people to defend his record, it doesn’t stand on its own) but…

What did you expect LeBron to say?

Or think? You don’t get to be as great as LeBron (or Jordan, or Kareem, or Russell, or Magic, or whoever else you want to throw in the conversation) without a confidence that borders on arrogance. And crosses that line at times. Of course LeBron thinks he’s the greatest, just like Jordan does, and Russell, and on down the line.