Chandler Parsons says he’s healthy but the Grizzlies won’t play him


Chandler Parsons is finally healthy and ready to play for the Memphis Grizzlies but the sharp-shooting small forward has not seen the floor since Oct. 22 as he’s battled right knee soreness related to fluid buildup.

Parsons has had significant issues with his right knee, most recently undergoing surgery in March to repair a torn meniscus. The Grizzlies have done well without Parsons, who signed a massive $94 million contract with Memphis in the summer of 2016 but has played just 73 games over the past three seasons.

Now it appears that Parsons is healthy and ready to be back on the floor, but the team has not yet decided to put him back into action. To that end, Parsons is apparently upset, telling the Commercial-Appeal in Memphis that he just wants to get back on hardwood.

Via Commercial Appeal:

“The most confusing part for me is I’m healthy,” Parsons told The Commercial Appeal. “I’m medically cleared by the people I work with every single day, that are experts at this kind of stuff, so it’s frustrating to watch a team struggle and I’m sitting there on the bench healthy, dying to play.”

Parsons went on to say that he doesn’t feel as though he’s a distraction, and that he just wants to help the Grizzlies.

For a guy with so much injury history on his resume, it’s no wonder Memphis is being careful with him. Still, you can see how Parsons would be frustrated if doctors have given him the A-OK. It’ll be interesting to see how they manage his return his season. The Grizzlies are near the bottom of the league in 3-point attempts according to Basketball-Reference and middle-of-the-pack when it comes to percentage.

Memphis can use a healthy Chandler Parsons. The only questions left are when will he return, and if he does, will he stay healthy?