Watch the best dribble moves of LeBron James’ career on his 34th birthday


Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James has shown some signs of aging over the past couple of years. The King is no longer as quick as he once was, and his expenditure of energy is more measured.

That’s because when you turn 34 like James did on Sunday, you need to pick and choose your battles.

James’s 34th birthday comes at a time when he is still solidly in the limelight. His decision to move to Los Angeles has kept him in the media glow seemingly at all times, and even though he’s LeBron James it seems like we end up writing about him more and more.

A birthday is a time to celebrate, and no doubt James will be doing that today. LeBron is currently on the injured list with a strained groin, and he’s even taken to show enough to games with a glass of wine as he tries to rest.

The Lakers play the Sacramento Kings tonight at Staples Center, so perhaps James will curtail his celebration until after the game.

Meanwhile, watch a full compilation of 34 of James’ best dribble moves on his 34th birthday in the video above.