Andre Iguodala got ejected for throwing a ball into the stands (VIDEO)

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Golden State Warriors wing Andre Iguodala is typically a pretty level-headed guy. He’s a much-needed veteran presence on a team that competes for the NBA title every single season.

But Saturday night in Portland, Iguodala lost it.

At the end of the second quarter at Moda Center, Iguodala was frustrated with being unable to get a firm handle on the basketball as he tried to get a final shot off at the buzzer.

Iguodala then launched the ball into the stands in a way that wasn’t clearly directed toward the basket. Referees decided to confer and watch the play on the monitor to decide whether Iguodala needed to have disciplinary measures levied against him.

Via Twitter:

Officials agreed that Iguodala chucking the ball into the stands was a hostile act, and assessed him a technical and an ejection.

The Warriors were still able to beat the Blazers, 115-105, but things did get a little chippy. Six technical fouls were handed out during the game, and the boys in grey didn’t have complete control over the situation for the full 48 minutes.

Golden State plays the Phoenix Suns on Monday. Iguodala will be back then and perhaps a little cooler.