Blake Griffin argued with a ref about a foul call by using a tablet (VIDEO)


The future is here. At least, that’s what I believe after watching Detroit Pistons big man Blake Griffin show an NBA official over a play on a tablet where he thought he’d been fouled Friday night.

During Detroit’s loss to the Indiana Pacers, 125-88, Griffin could be seen pulling out a tablet and showing to show ref J.T. Orr where he thought he had been hit. Tablets are readily available on NBA benches for in-game review of tape, much like the NFL has for years, first with photographs and now tablets.

The video is pretty hilarious, but also perhaps a critical moment in NBA player-official relations.

Via Twitter:

Is this even legal? Who knows. It seems like one of those things there’s probably not a rule against right now but there could be by lunch on Monday.

Stay tuned.