Andrew Wiggins forgets to put on his jersey to start game (VIDEO)


You and I, we might forget our keys when we step out the door. Even worse, we could get halfway to the gym without our headphones, or a lock for the lockers, or flip flops for the shower.

Andrew Wiggins had a different problem on Friday night as the Minnesota Timberwolves went to take floor against the Atlanta Hawks at Target Center.

During pregame warmups the broadcast panned to Wiggins as the start was delayed. Wiggins was unable to pull off his shooting shirt and join the rest of the starters.

Why, you ask?

Because he had forgotten to put on his jersey in the locker room.

Via Twitter:

This is pretty funny but I have to admit that if I was a Wolves fan that it would be just another chapter in my argument against Wiggins. At times, the guard from Kansas has not seemed dedicated or focused on improving his game, and things like this makes you wonder if he’s just not really all in.

Wiggins eventually found his jersey and made his way onto the floor.