LaVar Ball doesn’t want Lakers to get Anthony Davis: ‘They’ve got enough people’

Harry How/Getty Images

LeBron James said he wants to play with Anthony Davis – “duh.”

But someone connected to the Lakers disagrees.

Would it be cool if the Lakers got Davis? LaVar Ball, Lonzo Ball‘s father, via TMZ:


They’ve got enough people.

Obviously, the Lakers won’t base their roster decisions on LaVar’s opinion.

But, if anything, this could remind Davis about the potential headaches of playing in Los Angeles. Though he has mostly remained quiet this season, LaVar can still turn an otherwise-peaceful existence into a storyline. And he’s just the start. There are no shortage of sideshows in Los Angeles. That’s a huge change from New Orleans.

The Pelicans can trade Davis wherever they want, but teams that believe they can re-sign him will offer more. He can become a free agent in 2020. He’ll ultimately dictate where he plays. It’s on the Lakers to recruit him, which LeBron James seems to be doing.

Of course, LaVar’s biggest concern is probably the Lakers trading Lonzo in a package for Davis. LaVar wants his son in Los Angeles. If the Lakers get Davis without surrendering Lonzo, I bet LaVar would change his tune in a hurry.