David Fizdale compares slipping in ice, dog poop and pee to Knicks season: ‘We’re gonna get up together’ (video)


Knicks coach David Fizdale is used to warm weather.

He grew up in Los Angeles. He went to college at San Diego. His first assistant-coaching jobs were in California. He then worked for the Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat. His first head-coaching job was with the Memphis Grizzlies.

So, New York is an adjustment.


If you really want a laugh, you see these scars on me? Typical coast dude, right? We haven’t turned off our sprinklers. So, our sprinklers came on the other night. Grass and everything is iced up. So we lose the game. I’m already depressed. Go into the house. Go to sleep. Wake up the next morning. Let the dogs out. Dogs are chasing squirrels. Two of the dogs are so crazy going after the squirrels, they start getting into it a little bit. So, I’ve got to go break them up. Coach, on the way to break them up, hits the ice. Welcome to New York. Soft West Coast dude has no idea what he’s doing out here. Tumble on the ice. And what you see is coach fell. So, I’m laying on the grass. I told this story to the team just to kind of give them a laugh and a boost. And said, I’m laying in dog poop and pee in the yard in ice. And I’m bleeding, and I just start laughing on my back.

Welcome to New York City, and get your butt up. And so that was the message to the team is, Hey, we’re getting punched, and that’s okay. You young dudes, we’re all gonna go through this together. But we’re gonna get up together.

Fizdale is nothing if not charismatic.

He’s also pretty good at finding stories to relate to the 9-26 Knicks.