Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic ejected for arguing call vs. Clippers


NBA officials seem to have a quick trigger with the technicals the past couple of days.

Midway through the third quarter against the Clippers Saturday afternoon, Nikola Jokic got called for a foul for pushing Marcin Gortat along the baseline. Jokic didn’t like the call, barked at the official, got a technical then a quick second and he was gone.

The Clippers loved it.

Was it a foul to start with? Yes.

Did Jokic deserve a technical for trying to show up the referee? Yes (the way it is being called this season).

An ejection? We don’t know what was said, maybe Jokic crossed a line, but that wasn’t really much of an “air punch,” this strikes me more like an official with a thin skin and quick trigger.

Consistency, we need it. Tell me how LeBron James did this last night and didn’t even get T’d up.

Yet this got a technical in another game.

The line on what players can and can’t do moves nightly, no wonder they are confused.