Lauri Markkanen crushes Nikola Vucevic with poster dunk, gets ridiculous technical


Is Bulls big man Lauri Markkanen all the way back from the elbow injury that had him sitting the first quarter of the season?

Just ask Nikola Vucevic.

Damn, that’s nasty — and Markkanen gave him the stare down.

Notice in the background referee Tony Brown instantly stepping forward and giving Markkanen a technical for taunting. Which is ridiculous. Let the guys show a little emotion. Bulls hyperbole-filled color commentator Stacy King called it the worst technical he’d ever seen.

Except it wasn’t even the worst technical in that game. Via veteran referee Scott Wall.

The crew last night on this game was the definition of thin-skinned. We want basketball to be played with passion, with emotion and energy, and you’ve got to let guys vent that a little. LeBron James didn’t get technicals last night for far more demonstrative efforts to complain about calls, and I’m using him as one of a hundred examples because he’s a big name. There’s a line to walk here and players certainly have crossed it plenty in recent years, they need to show more respect to the officials, and try having civil conversations with them rather than going Lob City Clippers and complaining about everything. But the officials have to allow a little room for the players to vent, too. This crew did not do that.