PBT Extra: Anthony Davis trade rumors fly around but there is no action. Yet.


Antony Davis and his New Orleans Pelicans visit LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers Friday night — just days after LeBron said it would be “incredible” to play with Davis.

Davis trade rumors have been a hot topic all season, from Boston to Los Angeles, and all spots in between… except while there is a lot of smoke there is no fire. Yet. Everyone needs to wait until July, which I get into in this latest PBT Extra.

The reason is simple: New Orleans wants to keep Davis. Top five players don’t land in the lap of small market teams often. The Pelicans are active on the trade market right now, as buyers. Then come next July 1 New Orleans will offer a designated veteran $239 million guaranteed contract to Davis, more than $30 million more than anyone else can offer.

You want wild trade rumors? If Davis turns down that contract — as many executives around the league expect he will — you will get them, the floodgates will open. Until then, it’s all a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.