This play where John Wall just stood in one spot was super weird


John Wall seems like a man on a mission. That mission? Get traded.

Wall signed a massive supermax deal with the Washington Wizards in 2017, and now things are crumbling down around him in our nation’s capital. The Wizards just plain don’t like each other, and Wall will get paid either way, which has led to some awkward moments this year. To put it nicely, the superstar guard’s effort on the court has been a series of peaks and valleys.

Wall’s peak came on Sunday against the Los Angeles Lakers when he scored 40 points in an 18-point win over LeBron James & Company.

His low might have come three days later on Wednesday against the Houston Rockets when Wall decided to completely stop moving during a play in the fourth quarter.

Via Twitter:

Situationally it seems like the explanation for Wall not putting in any effort was the massive deficit to the Rockets. There was just four minutes to go in the game at that point, and the Wizards were down by 22.

Still, this kind of body language combined with the context of Washington’s season so far isn’t what we want to see for from Wall. It seems like fans in D.C. are headed toward a break up with their franchise player at some point. Whether they remember him fondly might take some time after the way he’s performed so far this year.