Report: Knicks have expressed interest in Jabari Parker trade


I honestly don’t know what to think about teams having trade interest in Jabari Parker. Any team rumored to be looking at Parker shouldn’t be doing so for on-court reasons. He’s already been benched by one of the worst teams in the NBA, and Parker has actually dipped in efficiency despite a more open role on offense on a worse team.

Meanwhile it’s weird situation with some potential for the Chicago Bulls, who can pretty much only pitch Parker as an expiring contract. His deal is essentially a one-year, $20 million hole for the following summer. The Bulls probably want to use the cap space from his contract next season, but they could also take on a slightly longer deal in exchange for young players or picks.

Opposing teams should be looking to shift cap space for the summer of 2019 should be eyeing Parker for the same reason.

But with a recent rumor that the New York Knicks have made a call about Parker really worries me for fans in the Big Apple.

Via Twitter:

The only reasonable expectation here would be that the Knicks would move Tim Hardaway Jr. in some deal for Parker. They’d have a hard time cobbling together a deal that works financially without involving a third team otherwise.

Still, that teams are calling on Parker means it’s more and more likely that we’ll see him moved by the February trade deadline.

Nobody told Chicago to sign Parker to that ridiculous contract this offseason, and I don’t have much confidence in their front office finding its way out of the mess they’ve made. Whatever happens with Parker will be interested to keep an eye on.