Kyrie Irving: Response to Stephen Curry’s moon-landing claim put him ‘on this false platform of a thing where you’re not even a human being anymore’ (video)


Stephen Curry said he believed we didn’t really go to the moon. Then, Curry clarified he was joking.

But not quickly enough to avoid getting grouped with Kyrie Irving, who gained notoriety for his own conspiracy theory, that the Earth is flat.

So, of course Irving was asked about Curry’s claim and the response to it.

Irving talked a lot without saying much. A sample, via A. Sherrod Blakely of NBC Sports Boston:

“You end up getting caught up…on this false platform of a thing where you’re not even a human being anymore,” Irving said. “You’re extrapolated for all the information you know and think. Now you have to fit the mold of something you’re clearly not; you’re more than just a basketball player who puts the ball in the hoop, and then they subject you to being just that.”

You can see Irving’s full response in the video above, via John Karalis of MassLive.

Irving makes a somewhat fair point. NBA players (LeBron James-excepted) receive far greater attention for ludicrous statements than reasonable statements. Particularly, I think it bothers Irving people care about his view on the Earth’s shape but not things like police brutality.

But Irving said the Earth is flat! Curry said we didn’t really go to the moon! It’s hard to muster much sympathy for them.